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Abs are Made in the Kitchen: 70% Diet - 30% Gym



We all know that a toned, sculpted and defined abs, needs constant training but if you want to see the work done, you must watch your diet.

The main factors that should be considered are: the structure or body type of each person, fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and the type of food you are consuming.

It depends on the muscle mass that each person has, but the average to start seeing a little toned abdomen is 10% - 15% body fat in men with good muscle mass and 15% - 18% in women with average muscle mass.

To find those abs you craves, it is essential to check the level of body fat you stored and if this is high you should start a diet to achieve the goal, because exercise alone can not make disappear all extra fat.

Processed, foods high in fat, sodium and sugar are the main enemies to lose body fat and achieve a ripped six-pack abs or flat stomach.


All food contains calories that are necessary to energize the body, but not all calories provide the same quality as sugars, whether they come from natural sources or are added to the food, when consumed regularly can produce storage body fat. The sugar-containing fruits and whole grains, with measure are recommended in many diets because they contain also fiber, but care must be taken in the consumption of fruit juices, smoothies, based beverages juices, dried fruit and all kinds sugars and processed fruit.

Consuming protein is crucial in the daily diet of all people, to build, grow and repair muscles. The protein also helps burn calories by producing a thermal effect, stimulating the metabolism and burning more calories when the digestion and absorption than other foods, such as sugar, which has a very low thermic effect. It is extremely important the daily intake of lean protein, it should be of good quality, and must be included in all meals, for best results in physical activities, increasing muscle mass and helping to get the sculpted abdomen desired.

It is very important to exercise the muscles of the abdomen constantly and included in the daily routine of exercises to sculpt the muscles, strengthen them and harden them, but we must remember that exercise without dieting will not achieve a leaner abs.

To reduce belly fat should be reduced the carbohydrates are consumed daily, while caring for the source of those carbohydrates, a good choice are some types of fruits like strawberries and blue berries and whole grains.

It is a very good idea fiber intake that provide vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, asparagus, because its low calorie and high fiber, can be included in all meals because they contain a lot of water and also give the feeling of satiety without excessive caloric intake.

You don’t have to eliminate all sources of fat that you consume, only should limit your intake and choose healthy fats sources that benefit the proper functioning of the body, such as avocado, nuts, olive oil, fish oil, etc.

Stay away from alcoholic beverages, as they have a high sugar content and do not provide nutrients to the body, only calories that go straight to sabotage every effort done.


Daily rest is essential for muscles to recover, as well as sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day to control the levels of cortisol hormone that as controls metabolism of fats, proteins, the amount of salt in the blood, the concentration of water and glucose may be associated with weight changes and leptin hormone, which helps the brain to feel satiety and ghrelin that emits the feeling of hunger . Lack of adequate sleep, as well as dehydration, can be confusing hungry which increases food intake and the probability of gaining weight.


It is important to vary the type of abdominal routine to cover all the muscles in the abdominal area and for the body, a single routine gets used and become no longer a constant challenge to the muscle, which produces a better result. There are many exercises that although they are not crunches, require effort to maintain stability and balance throughout the body, which is very beneficial not only for abs but to get a good full body shape. It is also important to include cardio exercise at least 3 times a week, to boost you metabolism and burn more calories.


Although the genetics of each person defines their body type, we can all reach the goal of a six pack, regardless of the state in which our body is at this time, for some the road will be shorter and others require longer, but if we change eating habits for healthy food, meeting weekly exercise routine and most importantly, if we are convinced that we want to achieve, the abdomen with which you have dreamed, this will be yours, it depends on you.