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Why boxing is so effective for physical training


Professional boxing is a sport of physical contact, in which, undoubtedly will receive many and very strong shocks, even for professional boxers who have great skills and experience.

But if we take off the violent element and even physical contact, is boxing as a training exercise a modality, that increases in popularity because of the great benefits it provides for both cardiovascular fitness, and muscular, also including mental health, as it can function as therapy.

Boxers carry out a very complete and at the same time extremely demanding discipline, which is considered as one of the people, who are more in shape compared to other sports.

If you take into account the different elements of training you realize that together, boxing is one of the most complete exercises that exist today.

When you train boxing, you work resistance to its limits, improve muscle tone and develop your mental strength. Another of the great benefits of boxing training is that, even without hitting someone, the constant practice of boxing provides self-defense.

As you develop your body, you can raise your self esteem and your confidence level. For example, being adept at boxing can make you feel less nervous when traveling alone at night in the subway or walking down a lonely street.

Boxing training requires a lot of effort, determination, perseverance and discipline for technical in sport, skills and results.

In boxing as training, in contrast boxing as a sport, is not to fight, but to get the results that everyone wants, how to lose weight, tone muscles, develop excellent physical condition, feel more secure and confident, and in general obtain an improvement in their physical condition.

A boxing training can include many muscle groups and a number of very extensive exercises, although there are four activities that are the most prevalent:

Jumping rope, running, sit-ups and much sparring work, achieve a full routine.

Hit the padded mitts and sandbag, for example, are very good exercises to burn fat and tone. Boxing simulations are also practiced, like fighting your shadow in a mirror, which improves coordination, movement, correct positions, cardiovascular endurance of the body and increases strength and speed.

Boxing increases reflexes, as it requires being with five senses when it is done all the training time.

When a person must be alert at all times, for a long period of time, it helps reduce the body's response time to external stimuli, increasing reflexes.

During the boxing training you learn to punch faster and swing the body to dodge the rival.

Fast series of punches intercalated with evasion movements, help to increase the speed of response of the whole body exercised.

Boxing basic movements are simple, but it is the combination of these movements what really makes them effective.

The boxing series help unite in sequence, punches and evasive movements, agile and synchronized. Soon, those who practice boxing, acquire a total and synchronous control of his body during the execution of the exercises.

Like any exercise in addition to physical effort there is an emotional intensity, adrenaline, which helps the body feel relaxed after stress training occurs.

Hit padded mittens or the sack is an excellent way to release all the accumulated stress of the workday, traffic, meetings, and all kinds of personal problems that find a way to break free without any consequences.

You can train with different degrees of intensity, depending on the level of physical condition and acquired skills of each person. You must set goals and make them the rivals who must be defeated.

In gyms around the world are setting different training techniques, based on professional boxing exercises.

Training can be as exhausting as rewarding, because the results which is leading the effort have the guarantee that came fast and effectively.

If you are looking to lose weight, become stronger or faster, you must train for it, as if you were preparing for a fight.

Sessions can vary between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the fitness of each person. We could say that on average, a person can lose about 900 calories per session, depending on intensity.

While the risk of injury is not as high, it is important to perform the exercises in the correct positions, in addition to using the necessary equipment such as bandages, gloves, mouth guard and head only if you are exposed to contact.