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Avoid the Common Mistake: Woman fear of getting too bulky and muscular like a guy


It is very common for women who are unfamiliar with weight training, are under the erroneous idea that could easily get unwanted body like competing bodybuilding man

The body burns more calories to maintain a pound of muscle than it does to maintain a pound of fat. Therefore, the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn each day at rest. By building muscle you will increase your metabolism and turn your body into a calorie burning and fat melting machine and this for sure improve your overall fat loss progress.

So the more muscle you build, the more calories your body burn. Lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age, and the percentage of fat in your body could increase if you don’t do anything to maintain and increase the lean muscle you lose over time.

Most of the woman believe that just need to do toning exercises and sculpting workouts to get the body of their dreams: toned, defined, fit, firm, tight, lean, feminine and sexy. But the true is the only way to get the dream body is building muscles.

There is a common fear between woman that think bodybuilding is just for men or women who want to look too big, bulky, muscular and manly looking like.

The women who actually are big, bulky and overly muscular like bodybuilders, certain wrestlers and athletes, they dedicate a lot of hours training every day, have an extreme diet and most of the time use steroids that change their hormone levels and allow them to get bigger, bulkier and manlier than any normal woman will ever come close to getting just with bodybuilding.

Most of the men have much more testosterone than most woman and that means men can build much more muscle than women and much more faster than woman ever will.

In fact there are too many men around the world doing everything they can possibly do to get as big as they can and not one of them is doing it anywhere near the level the most women fear they will do it at.

The average rate of muscle gain in the best conditions for a man is the double compare to a woman.

Most women use workouts with low weights and high reps, and are not interested in big compound exercises, using lower reps, free weights and progressive overload, and as long as they don’t change their routine, most women will never build the muscle they need.

To build muscle both women and men need weight training with frequency and intensity, they need to force progressive overload and lift heavy weights that are challenging, as well as a dietary requirements.

Strength training has many other benefits:

  • Increases bone density, reducing the risk of injuries and osteoporosis.
  • Helps to manage your weight, increasing metabolism.
  • Contributes to improve your ability for everyday activities.
  • Can reduce symptoms of chronic conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, back pain, diabetes and depression.

 Strength training has different choices to perform:

  •  Weight machines: A lot of gyms offer many options of resistance machines, also you can have a multifunctional machine at home.
  •  Resistance tubing: It gives resistance when is stretched, you can use at home and take to your trips easily.
  •  Free weights: Dumbbells and barbells are very common in most of the fitness centers, you can train many muscles of the body with different exercises and improve your goals increasing weight.
  • Body weight: You can use your own body weight doing pushups, crunches, squats and pullups without any equipment.

 Consider warming up before any strength training, with slow walking or another cardio activity for at least five to ten minutes to avoid muscles injuries.

It’s important to have the support of an instructor if you are a beginner or are starting a new series of exercises to properly use the equipment or weights and prevent injuries.

It’s recommended to incorporate strength training exercises and gradually cover all muscle groups in the routine. Over time you will begin to notice an improvement in performance due to increased muscle mass, which may be increasing weight and frequency of routines.

If you are a beginner is recommended to consult a physician or a health care professional before starting any new exercise routine and even more if you have any type of injury.