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How to get a flat and toned abs


Most people admire and envy a flat, toned and strong abdomen.

A well defined and toned body is a sign of health, beauty, discipline and energy, in addition to the many health benefits that can be found. It provides great confidence in itself, for which possesses. The abdomen is one of the most difficult parts of the body to tone, because to remove fat that accumulates in this area, not only a balanced diet but also a consistent routine of abdominal exercises is required.

The accumulated fat in the abdomen is an important consideration to prevent obesity-related disease symptoms.

To obtain strong abs, a lot of willpower and perseverance is needed, after some time begin to see results, but the effort will be worthwhile and we feel very proud, as we put the swimsuit or clothing that before we did not dare to use. To make this a reality, we must follow three steps that are essential for achieving our goal.

The basis for a good abs is exercise, proper diet and consumption of dietary supplements that help us get a sculpted abdomen.

Exercise is essential to tone and define abdominal muscles, although all have abs is very important to keep them toned and strong. Should exercise three to four times a week and exercises should be high intensity. It is important to perform exercises with posture and proper manner, focusing the energy in the abdomen. It is no use to kill us with endless repetitions if not concentrate all power in our abdomen. Routines should be alternated with aerobic exercise, so we can eliminate fat faster and have a higher quality muscle.

The routine that we decide to follow, must have this order, start with the obliques, after lower abdominals and ended with superiors. Ideally, the exercise lasts around 15 minutes longer extend the exercise is counterproductive to muscle. Routines should be changed every month to get the muscle grow, because the surprise is the basis of getting a well-worked muscles.

The next step for well defined abs is diet. This does not mean eating less, on the contrary, we must increase our meals, because we have to eat 5 times a day, and we have to keep our body goes hungry, because if this happens our body get information scarcity and start accumulate fat to obtain food in times of famine.

In our diet, we must give priority to the proteins, followed by carbohydrates and finally fats, to be consumed moderately. Along with proteins and fats, carbohydrates are the three main macronutrients, which are essential in a balanced diet; also they provide calories needed for energy production, and provide more than 60% of the amount of energy needed by the body.

Optimal protein intake is, to eat white meat such as chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, cod ... or lean meats. Protein is essential to create and maintain muscle.

Carbohydrates provide energy for automatic activity of the body and the fulfillment of daily tasks and physical work; also it plays a vital role in digestion, assimilation, metabolism and oxidation of proteins and fats.

Carbs should be complex, it can be found in whole grain cereals, whole grains, lentils, beans and vegetables.

We must include in our daily diet, healthy fats with measure, such as nuts, avocados and healthy oils, that can help us lose fat faster than a strict diet, and avoid trans fats, like those founded in foods industrially produced with vegetable fats as they are: chips, cookies, hamburgers, margarines, snacks…

The third step is the use of dietary supplements, that will help us get more defined abs. Supplements should be consumed in recommended measurement and in combination with exercise, they are not miraculous and continuity required to see results, they are a good help if accompanied by exercise and a proper diet. L-carnitine helps burn fat as long as it is combined with aerobic exercise. There are many types of dietary supplements, but we must use them only as a support.

These are the biggest MISTAKES beginners in abs exercises do, and MUST AVOID not to injure us and get good results: 

  1. Do not use mat

You should never do crunches directly on the ground, as it may damage your back and tailbone. You must use a mat and never do crunches in bed. 

  1. Get up to the neck

When the trunk rises should not be thrown or put pressure on the neck. The force should be done with the abdomen. An option to not force the neck, is cross your arms on your chest instead of putting them in the neck.

  1. Up to touch your knees

It is not necessary to maximize the trunk to touch your knees. Up to half, it is enough to strengthen the abs.

  1. Do not contract the abs

We should not do crunches with the relaxed abdomen. Ideally, contract the abdominal muscles throughout the routine. 

  1. Strengthen only part of the abs

To show off an enviable abs, we have not focus on a single group, but work all the muscles completely. Not only required to exercise with typical crunches, we must also work the obliques and lumbars.  

  1. Arch your back

The lumbar area must always be supported, it should never be arched. 

  1. Doing only abdominal exercises

Fat is very easy to accumulate in the waist. To build muscle and burn fat we also need aerobic exercise.

  1. Do not worry about diet

If we do not take care of the daily diet, and eat too much fat and carbs, no matter how many crunches and cardio exercise we do, we never will get toned abs. The percentages are 70% diet, 30% exercise. 

  1. Perform endless repetitions

No need to overtraining this area. Intense exercise is better than repeat and repeat. With about 15 or 20 minutes we will have enough and not every day. 

  1. Doing crunches at the beginning of training

It is best to leave your abs to the end of the routine. The reason is that this area of the body, is involved in other exercises, plus helps to balance. If we exhausted ahead of time, we will not have enough strength to do heavier exercises that also exercise the abs properly.