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How to know if there is chemistry between two people?


The chemistry between two people is the bond that is created, apparently it is not known how or why, but it makes constantly seek, are understood to perfection and they open with each other in many respects.

Some say that love is basically that, without chemistry, there is no way the couple work, it is something that goes beyond passion or fall in love in the first months.

It has come to prove that, from the intense fire that must feel at the beginning of the relationship, to the tranquility and companionship that arise over the years, have to do with a chemical issue.

Scientists are investigating a relatively new area of science, trying to study love, and claim that the kiss is an accurate assessment tool on the chemistry between couples.

Essentially, it could be said that when two people kiss 'there is a lot of chemistry' between them. A hormonal torrent, depending on their composition, activates our brain and in various ways is released. But above all, it allows us to evaluate a potential candidate for sexually relate.

Kissing, say the scientists, is an essential tool to make a relationship work. Some findings of recent studies claim, that the kiss allows us to intimately know the other person, there are people who claim to have become disenchanted with their conquest, after having a kiss.

For humans, apparently kissing is also a good remedy for stress. It is what is found in a study of neuroscience at Lafayette College, when measured levels of the hormones cortisol and oxytocin on couples who had just kissing.

However, the researchers say, when we kiss under romantic love, part of the brain goes mad, and behaves as, if under the influence of a drug.

Romantic love, besides being an emotion, is a powerful boost coming from the engine of the mind, the area responsible for addictions, considering that there are four personality styles, depending on what the composition of the hormonal mix of each person's own.

In a study conducted on internet, it was investigated who is attracted by whom between 28,000 and concluded that, for example, those in which predominates dopamine, which are creative and willing to take risks, seek people with the same characteristics. Those in which the predominant serotonin, traditional and executives also are attracted to similar people, but those with high levels of testosterone, analytical people, logical, equipped for engineering tasks, make partner with those with high levels of estrogens, which are imaginative, compassionate, intuitive. In other words, as popular wisdom says, for two people are attracted, it does have to have chemistry and the best way to find out is kissing.

90% of humans practiced the kiss, also animals touch their snouts, birds their peaks.... It is a natural instinct to stimulate the mechanisms of reproduction. When we kiss, see, smell and feel the other. The brain becomes active. Five nerves carry messages you what they are feeling. It is really a tool for further evaluation.

Thanks to science, we know which areas of the brain are those forming what is called the circuit of love. It has also come to understand the function of these substances, such as pheromones, which are generated with our perspiration and that are detected by others, almost like a sexual message.

All processes of love, includes chemical reactions. Experts say that love has three stages: first: the physical attraction, the second: overflowing passion and falling in love, and the third: is described as true love. The chemicals involved in each of these stages are:

Attraction: testosterone and estrogen

At this stage are involved sex hormones: testosterone male and female estrogen. For both men and women, testosterone acts, but occurs ten times more in men. In this phase, the audiovisual aspects are of great importance, so facial symmetry and the body, play an important role. In women it is also crucial hearing, and what is telling by the other. Here comes the conquest and now the chemistry of love is triggered.

Being in love: dopamine

If a couple overcomes the attraction phase, begins one in which a number of hormonal reactions described by poets such as blindness and madness.

Chemical substances inhibit the brain areas of critical judgment, and lead to the defense of the lover, who apparently has no defects, and is a perfect being. According to science, sleeping less and have the same energy, increased heart and respiratory rate, and butterflies in the stomach, are the result of agents called monoamines, including dopamine.

Its effect, added to the areas of the brain, which are activated in people in love, and have to do with gratitude and reward, resulting in what is known as total infatuation.

True love: oxytocin and vasopressin

The last stage of love is, what we want it to last a lifetime. At that point, the language of desire becomes the affection, and the company. That couple, after a while, begins to secrete other hormones, particularly one called oxytocin, equivalent to emotional attachment and vasopressin, called the chemical of love.

What is clear for science is that, love is a biological process, which is seated in the brain, because that is where hormonal and electrical reactions occur, that will make us feel everything that feel during love. So without testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin, for science, what we call love, it would be really magic.

Falling in love is not voluntary, it happens without deciding. So when a person is biochemically related, you cannot do anything about it.

Experts say that before a person is attracted to another, has already built a mental map, a complete mold of brain circuits, that determine what will make fall in love with one person and not another.

Dr. John Money believed that, children develop these maps between 5 and 8 years old, based on partnerships with family members, friends, experiences and fortuitous events, and therefore only with certain people arises what call: chemistry, electricity or love.