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How to start running


Start any discipline required to program our mind to be convinced of wanting to do constantly, besides properly plan what we need, the schedule that suits our agenda and what accompanies any sport: the necessary equipment.

In recent years, running has become a much sought after sport as it has many advantages, such as ease of being able to run on virtually any place where you reside or travel in big cities or small towns, parks, forests , beaches, clubs, running tracks, etc., is accessible to most people, is economical, can be done at any time of day or night, in addition to the many benefits it brings to our physical and mental health.

Beginning runners can be sure to get a general improvement in their physical condition, may lose weight, reduce stress and generally improve their quality of life, and if they wish to gradually increase their level of training to get the desired results.

The most important tool to start running is constancy, to achieve results and make the run in a pleasant, healthy, motivating and lasting habit.

It is highly recommended before starting any physical intensity activity, consult a health care professional to check their physical condition, cardiorespiratory valuation, orthopedic, stress test and everything your doctor considers appropriate to prevent injuries or major health problems.

Outfit and Gear

One of the advantages of this sport is that a large amount of spending on equipment is not required, although it is advisable to start with the basic but adequate equipment to run properly.

  • Running shoes

This is the most important element of a runner, the tool that must be chosen carefully as provide protection, comfort and injury prevention. Today there are a variety of options for sale, which consider various factors such as type of tread, weight, uses, biomechanics, muscle imbalances, type of surface where it will train, need cushioning, aesthetics, budget, etc. so it is appropriate to consult an expert on different brands, try several models in the store, and choose the best option for you.

  •  Socks

It is very important to buy special socks for running, since they are designed without seams, with good fit, made with materials for good moisture absorption, and sweat of the feet, avoiding slipping and annoying blisters appear. You can find them at any sporting goods store.

  • Shorts or leggings

They must be comfortable, lightweight, with special fabric to absorb sweat, consider the type of climate that will be trained to be changing for the right clothes according to season. 

  • Shirts and sports bras

The shirt should not be too tight nor too loose, special fabrics work well, but are more expensive, cotton fabrics are also suitable, in cold weather or rain can carry thermal shirts, gloves and windbreaker.

For women it is essential to use sports bra that fits well to the body, it is not recommended to use the common bra, since you will not have adequate support to run and be very uncomfortable.

  • Applications and music

There are hundreds of applications for training run, with timing analysis, statistics, calculations of speed, activity reports, motivation, advice maps, etc. Music is a very important ally that keeps us motivated and helps maintain the speed of a pleasant way.

  • Locations and times for training

The options for training are multiple, parks, forest roads, highways, roads, streets and gyms. Beginners should consider not stray too far from the starting point to save enough energy to return.

The schedule can be the one that best fits your schedule, because any time of day is suitable for running.


The first will need to use willpower, motivation, constancy and always keep in mind that the beginning of any sport is difficult to adapt for the muscles, ligaments and tendons, and cardiovascular conditioning is improving day by day. It is so important to be consistent as training at an appropriate pace and rest to avoid excessive fatigue and injury.

Each person has a different physical condition, depending on your age, condition, health, nutrition, motivation, etc., which is indispensable to progress gradually to the extent appropriate for each individual.

To have a firm commitment and perseverance, a training plan can help you achieve clearly defined objectives.

Personal trainers favor by providing technical skills training, improving performance, minimizing injuries, correcting errors and resolving doubts that present during training.


Before training, you need to warm up with previous exercises, mobility in the extremities, such as rotation knees, feet, head, shoulders and hips, followed by heating muscle and cardiovascular activation which can consist of brisk walking or a light jog for 5 or 10 minutes.


Exercise increases the body temperature and sweat helps to cool, this loss of water in the body is necessary to recover it, so you should increase consumption of water before, during and after training.

Nutrition is also very important to consider that should be adequate consume of food, before and after training.

The best way to start running is intercalating soft brisk walking, with jogging, where the proportion of walking is greater than the jogging and gradually changing proportions.

Suggested plan:

  • First week: walking 6' and jogging 2' (2 reps).

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: training.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: rest.

  • Second week:

4' walking, 2' jogging (3 reps). Monday and Saturday: training.

3' walking, 1:30" running (4 reps) Wednesday training.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: rest.

  • Third week:

3' walking, 2' jogging (3 reps). Monday: training.

3' walking, 3' jogging (3 reps). Wednesday: training.

2' walking, 2' jogging (4 reps). Saturday: training.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: rest. 

  • Fourth week:

3' walking, 3' jogging (3 reps). Monday: training.

3' walking, 4' jogging (3 reps) Wednesday: training.

2' walking, 4' jogging (3 reps) 5' walking: Saturday: training.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday: rest.

As you can see the training is changing gradually, and so it is should be increasing the intensity, instead of jogging, you will begin to run.