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What are the benefits of having a pet at home?


Pets bring to the home life, with everything that this implies, human beings have a strong bond with animals, count on the company of a pet it is a privilege for people who live with them.

Having the presence of a pet at home, can help parents to deal with various issues related to life, such as: education, care and love for a living being, responsibility, reproduction, birth, disease, accidents, death and mourning.

Animals give unconditional love, do not judge and do not criticize. For this reason, many psychological therapies recommend the acquisition of animals, to build self-confidence, getting people to express their feelings and also works to instill good habits.

Having a pet brings many benefits, physical, psychological and social:

  • Family union

The arrival of a pet directly influences the family group: develops emotions, feelings and different reactions in each of its members. In children, it helps develop their emotional and communication skills.

It is an enriching experience for the whole family.

  • Helps feeling happier

Pet owners, who live and play with them, may experience a dose of oxytocin, which produces a positive sense, when playing with their pets. Oxytocin helps reduce stress levels and is a good antidote to depression.

  • Reduce the risk of disease

Children growing up with dogs around them, are less likely to get sick. The more the dog comes out from home, children suffer fewer illnesses, because of being more exposed to dirt, children develop a stronger immune system.

Growing up with dogs and cats also decreases the risk of developing allergies. An experiment was to demonstrate, that children who lived with pets developed more allergies, found just the opposite result. Children who have dogs or cats at home, suffered 50% fewer allergies and 45% less asthma than those who did not live with animals.

  • Reduces stress

A study conducted at the University of Virginia, measured the brain waves of different dog owners before and after spending time with them. They found that after interacting with their pets, people experienced an increase in the frequency of the waves associated with relaxation, and a decrease in the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. It is also proven that people who interact with animals as they work, are less stressed.

  • Fitness Improves

Dogs have the need to go for a walk every day, to stay in good physical and emotional conditions, so their owners will be forced to exercise when going for a walk or play with their dogs, in addition to helping create a good habit to people who are not used to exercise regularly. A British brand of pet products reported the average time devoted dog owners walk with them: five hours and 38 minutes a week.

  • Decrease loneliness and depression

Depressed people do not feel the desire to relate. If the person establishes a link with an animal, will have a reason to get out of bed, feed him and get to the street, even when do not feel like doing anything.

The animals help reduce the feeling of loneliness, to having a company, so they are especially positive for single people and mayors.

  • Enhance social life

A pet leads often to meet new people: in parks dog owners who regularly been there for their pets, are grouped together, strangers who come to petting a puppy, or conversations that arise on anecdotes or animal care they are constant events.

  • Stimulates children

A pet is a perfect playmate for children, grow with an animal, it is an opportunity to build relationships based on respect and teach them to be more responsible. It also generates a link with nature, creates habits and set boundaries. A relationship based on care and love can favor the development of verbal communication, nonverbal, compassion and empathy.

Dogs and babies have an instant connection, sometimes things are taught between each other, pets are the best guardian angels.

  • Strengthens self-esteem

Studies have shown that pet owners can have higher self-esteem, are more aware of what is happening and more outgoing, tend to be less fearful and less concerned, that people who do not have animals.

Animals can also reinforce empathy, because it is easier to show emotions toward a dog than a person, in difficult and hostile environments.

  • Improves heart health

Studies show, that people who own a dog, have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, the fact petting a dog or watching a fish aquarium has a relaxing effect that reduces the heart rate. People living with pets, are more likely to survive a heart attack than those who are not in contact with animals.

  • Give us unforgettable moments

Pets have a natural ability to spread happiness, generate laugh and good humor with his skills, games, mischief and innocence.

Tips for better living with a pet:

  • Must be chose properly the right pet for the lifestyle of each family. Also should be investigate before acquiring, all of their own features, species, breed and care they require. It should take into account the physical space and time organization.
  • Include the whole family in the election process. It is important that all should come to an agreement on which pet will be the one. If any of the children wishes cannot have, it should be explained the reasons for the choice must be different, and present the options.
  • Make conscious to all members of the family all the care, love, respect and rules to be followed since pet arrives home.
  • When assigning tasks that will have to care for the pet, must take into account the possibilities of each family member.

The bond can be established with pets, can be very enriching for our lives.

No matter how our day has been, or what time we go to our home, we will always be greeted by our happy dog, wagging his tail and show us their unconditional love.