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What attracts men to women?


At some point in our lives, we all wonder what attracts the opposite sex, and also have conducted numerous studies to find these answers, through surveys and studies.

Some answers are not necessarily those of common knowledge, so they can surprise us.

  • Arms: all have the idea that a long and slender legs are much more attractive than arms in shape. A study in Australia showed that women with long arms are more attractive than those with endless legs. In fact, the long, toned arms turned out to be the most important factor, when evaluating physical attractiveness of a woman.
  • Curves: for some years fashion magazines and advertising in general, have invaded us with images of skinny models, suggesting to women that is the ideal of beauty to follow, if they want to succeed in the conquest of opposite sex. But a research carried out in Scotland emphasizes that men prefer women with a normal weight than super thin. Another study also it showed, that in their internet searches, men prefer women more normal body size, than very thin women. For every man seeking images of super skinny women, there were three men seeking women with normal weight.
  • Age: is a factor we all take for granted that any man feels more attracted to a younger woman than an older. But there are studies that demonstrate there is a significant number of men seeking erotic images of women aged 40, 50 and 60's.
  • Red color: in the United States was conduct a study, which revealed that a red dress immediately captures the attention of men. And not only their attention ... but men found much more attractive and sexually desirable to women wearing red, they felt more willing to invite them to go out.

  • Smile: a recently study published by the American Psychological Association found that a smiling woman, is more attractive than one that looks serious. The smile activates certain areas of the brain, associated with satisfaction and reward, also emits a signal of warmth, kindness and good temperament.
  • Sensitivity: studies show that men are attracted by sensitive women, that can demonstrate their emotions without reaching tears.
  • Fragrance: Scientists recommend simple essences. Some studies show that men associate the scent of vanilla and cinnamon with love. The most important thing is to always have an impeccable personal hygiene and a pleasant scent.
  • Sense of humor: men love women who laugh at their jokes, as long as they are legitimate. Also the woman who can laugh about itself, can be irresistible. A woman with good temperament, is very attractive to men.

  • Independence: women who have a life of their own and who want to share with in the future. 
  • Prudence: men do not like to hear people who criticize, especially if are talking about his friends and his family. Something that can drive away a man in seconds, is being criticized for his girlfriend and more in public. 
  • Feminine: sensuality, and personal appearance with the style of each, and not as dictated brands of cosmetics, clothing and accessories. Men like women who like themselves and feel confident without being arrogant or presumptuous. 
  • Authentic. is more attractive a woman who do not try to look like anyone, just like she really is, spontaneous, no positions, it reflects security, which is irresistible to most men. 

  • Good conversation: not only topics of conversation, but also is highly valued a woman who knows how to listen, to be understanding and flexible.
  • Body: most women live unhappy with their bodies, because they have not the perfect bodies as models and actresses seen every day in advertising, television and films, believing that men are only interested in the physical. And the truth is that they do care, but when it comes to a relationship, most men do not look for perfect dolls, because even themselves, mostly, are far from looking like magazine models too; what they seek is a woman with body care and normal size. Men are attracted to curves, harmony and women who care, but do not live obsessed for one extra pound, as women think that happens.
  • Natural: a recent study has revealed that men prefer natural women, to bodies full of aesthetic surgeries, is not always very sexy, or what attracts them.