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What do women find attractive in men ?


From the psychological point of view, women are attracted to certain men's attitudes and behaviors in different situations, generally a man showing self-confidence is much more attractive than any other that does not have this virtue. However, physical attractiveness of men, has a strong influence to attract the opposite sex and in this case genetics is what is responsible for giving guidelines.


  1. Style and confidence

The way a man takes over the space and moves fluidly in it, transmits an unconscious message about himself. Men who have paused, measured and firm gestures with his attitude say they have everything under control. It is a style that transmits confidence to explore new levels in the relationship with him.

Same with confidence, men who are comfortable with them selves take advantage of their height, regardless if they are too low or high. Tall men adopt a kind of condescension in his gestures, which makes them perceive extremely friendly. And the low men keep the back straight, which gives them an additional elegance. Normally they lift the chin when they speak, adopting a posture of some authority.

In both cases, the attractiveness of these men is the confidence that project. They carry a special aura that invites closer ties with them.

  1. Tact

With the word tact is designated both the sense of perception through the skin, as prudence and moderation in words and actions. Sexy men have very developed this sense, in its two meanings.

Several studies have shown that physical contact, however minimal, unconsciously create strong ties between people. For better and worse. A stranger to push you on the subway, hardly end up being your friend. Who asks you permission or takes you gently to break through, will have gained a good amount of points.

Experts say that there is a point of "politically correct" female body. That is, a point where men tactfully played without fear. This is the whole area around the elbows. If during a conversation, man touches this area for two or three seconds, there will be established a contact that will make her feel good.

Something different happens if the man decides to touch her on the back. It feels like a more proper to be used between two men, something masculine gesture. It is also a gesture with a hint of condescension or pity. Touching the waist is very daring, like hold hands. And on the shoulder, it's more like fellow football team greeting each other. 

  1. Defensive gestures

Irresistible men accept them selves, they kept under control fear and are open to connect with others. This is reflected in his gestures. They'll never take defensiveness as fold his arms during a conversation, or with hands in his pockets. Both gestures reflect lack of security and need to hide.

On the contrary, seducers tend to exhibit two distinct gestures. Normally look at the eyes directly. Not elude away, but do not confuse with unblinking eyes, frost and incisive.

The other characteristic gesture is a measured smile. If they laugh too much will seem silly, but if they laugh too little, they will remember a monk. The attractive men smile genuinely when something amuses them, or openly want to be nice. And women think they are mysterious and charming. 


There are scientific studies that show certain physical traits make a woman take notice a man.

  1. The symmetry

Apparently, Renaissance studies about geometry and proportions to determine the canons of male beauty, still valid today, a symmetrical face and muscled body, make men look the most attractive for women as it is this sign of good health and quality genes. 

  1. A deep voice

For most women, a deep, gravelly voice is sexier, easier to remember, more attractive, and manly than a high-pitched voice of course.

  1. The jaw

It has been found that at an unconscious level, women are more attracted by large jaws and wide as it is a sign of reproductive health. Both prominent jaw and the gravelly voice, are attributes associated with the features that for centuries have been considered more manly or masculine.

  1. The eyes

The look is crucial to be more or less attractive, but even of its appearance the eyes seems also play a role. When the dark circle around the iris (limbal ring), is more black and outlined, it is more attractive for women unconscious level. Apparently it is also related to good health and genetics. 

  1. The height

Women like tall men with back well proportionate and, above all, they like men taller than them.