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What are the green tea benefits


Besides being a delicious drink that has lately greatly increased its popularity in the United States and Latin America, green tea has multiple health benefits

Consumption of tea dates back from 3000 BC in China. Since that time it was used for medicinal purposes to relieve some ailments. It arrives in Europe until the seventeenth century and gets great popularity spread throughout the continent. It is not until recent decades that scientific studies are initiated to document the benefits of this drink.

It has been found that tea contains high levels of polyphenols, which have antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-cancer properties.

Tea is now the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Tea scientific name is Camellia Sinensis. Black tea and green tea come from the same plant, depends on the process they are subjected, green tea or black tea is obtained. Green tea is stabilized with water vapor and drying to prevent ferments, and black tea is made by withering the leaves, which then rolled, allowed to ferment and dry. Since green tea is less processed than black tea, contains more antioxidants and therefore is the most powerful of the two.

Green tea is commonly associated with health and longevity.


You can reduce the risk of cancer due to its high content of polyphenols containing substance most of its properties, also known as catechins.

Green tea polyphenols-catechins has four types which are highly valued in the consumption of tea as they are those that have anti-cancer and antioxidant substances.


It can contribute to a longer life, according to a recently published study, Japanese women would be the longest in the world, with an average life expectancy greater than 86 years life. This should, among other things, good eating habits.


There is an amino acid in tea called L-theanine, representing 1% to 2% of the dry weight of the tea leaf. Between 50 and 200 mg of theanine induces the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain 1.2.


L-theanine, also has the effect of relaxation without cause drowsiness. As we all know too much stress is harmful to health, as it can alter the normal functioning of the body and reduce the defenses. According to some research the amino acid L-theanine increases the production of alpha waves in the brain causing a state of mental relaxation, but without causing fatigue or sleep, also it reduces stress own complications such as hypertension and cardiovascular problems.


Green tea helps to break down fat, combined with exercise. In a recent investigation, it was learned that the green tea extract has active ingredients that could be effective in treating obesity.

According to a publication of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating a small amount of catechins contained in green tea (epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG), may increase weight loss.


Green tea helps to reduce cholesterol levels. According to various studies, it was found that green tea has properties against “bad” cholesterol, helping to treat high cholesterol naturally and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study volunteers separated participants into two groups at random: in the first group who drank green tea and green tea extract and the second group who did not drink green tea. The research was conducted by a period of approximately three months.

The results showed that the first group that consumed large amounts of green tea reduced levels of "bad" cholesterol. In fact, participants who consumed green tea had an average of 7.2 milligrams per deciliter reduction in total cholesterol levels compared with participants who did not drink green tea.

These participants also were reduced levels of bad cholesterol in 2.2 milligram per deciliter. Responsible for this reduction would catechins, substances that limit and prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine. Certain compounds of green tea increases the excretion of bile acids, which also can remove cholesterol.    


Some studies have shown to help strengthen bones and improve memory. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Another of the many benefits offered by green tea is the ability to stimulate immunity, preventing and fighting many diseases, especially those that are infectious.

According to a study conducted at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University (USA), epigallocatechin gallate the (EGCG), they have the ability to stimulate T cell formation latter are fundamental to positively stimulate immunity according to the results obtained in this investigation.


For people with type 1 diabetes, which is characterized because the body produces little or no insulin, the polyphenols contained in green tea, specifically the gallate catechin gallate or EGCG, has a great function, helping to metabolize sugar in the body, stimulating the cells of the pancreas to produce and secrete adequate insulin to lower blood glucose amounts. Thus, glucose can be used as fuel cells.

People suffering from type 2 diabetes, also called non-insulin dependent, would also benefit with the action of catechin EGCG.

Some researchers after studies, concluded that both green tea and black tea produce a beneficial effect on the control of blood glucose levels.


Green tea also has the ability to be good for treating allergies and combat them. One of the substances that has the quality conforms to block certain products of seasonal ills that afflict people.

The substances responsible for the anti allergic effect containing green tea are epigallocatechin gallate the (EGCG). These substances listed in this infusion, responsible for much of their property, have the particular ability to block certain components that activate allergies, particularly seasonal.

The EGCG would trigger a defense mechanism against cells that activate seasonal allergies, releasing histamines and generating so bothersome and common side effects experienced by allergy sufferers.


Among the properties that have green tea, you are the one to prevent cavities. In countries like China or Japan, where there is a high consumption of this drink, the population practically is free from caries. This is due to the great properties of green tea catechins, which kill cariogenic bacteria and inhibit the process causes the bacteria to produce tartar.

Day by day new benefits are found in green tea, which makes it a treasure for health, for people who use it daily and seek natural alternatives.


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